Monday, July 11, 2022

Kitchen Makeovers

Sometimes I really wonder what goes through my mind (Anthony does too) but I got it into my head that I wanted to have 1:9 scale furniture. And after doing various basic and useful pieces (tables, chairs, desks) I've branched out to kitchens!

So the door on the stove opens and there will be wire shelves inside. I think it looks like a really nice stove. I do need to scale up my pot though (lol).

Then I worked on making a fridge, which also has working doors and shelves inside! I need to go mini grocery shopping. The dolls keep opening it up to stare inside but never find what they want to eat.

It looks pretty sharp with the cabinets and sinks. I tried really hard to get the cabinets to work with hinges but it was way too finicky so eventually I gave up and just glued on the doors. The drawers do work. Otherwise I think it looks really good. All that's left is a balsa wood countertop but that will take a trip to joanns...🛒

My etsy will be reopening on August 1st! There will be kitchen stuff and furniture. I've only got a couple colors for the cabinets right now (primed or light blue) since the 100+ degree heat killed all of our spray paint in the garage. I'm going to be scaling back a bit on how many of an item are available right now but I will take custom orders for larger quantities.

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