Saturday, March 23, 2019


Now that my life is just a little bit less of a mess, I'm getting back in the saddle making! So I'm kinda tired of making little bitty stablemate saddles mainly due to the fact that the saddles are easy but I cannot for the life of me manage to make a decent bridle. The leather gets too fine and brittle. So as I could not even and I'm going to have to pick up a lot more skills before I try to tackle that ever again. Which is why I'm going to announce a temporary end to the 1:32 scale saddle making.

But guess what, I'm going back to the safety of traditional scale! So I've got my Rio Rondo order all drafted and I'm ready to get some more supplies. Ideally I plan on making two western saddles, one a fancy show saddle and one less silvery trail saddle. I also have the stuff to make an english set which I have a guide for.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Long time no blog #1

If I had a dime for every time I made a new years resolution and then kinda didn't follow it, well, I definitely wouldn't need to have a day job or an etsy shop. I've moved to Texas so howdy y'all! But after such a big move I've kinda stalled in all things crafty as I struggle to unpack stuff. I've had to reorganize my craft stuff and take an inventory of all the things I kinda sorta forgot to move with... (thanks mom for storing them until I figure out when to get them). But while my life has been completely discombobulated by these events and my job search, I've temporarily closed the etsy shop so I can get my ish together.

But I'm back to blogging and probably by next week the shop will be back open. Then HBK#5 &6 will be back on sale. I'm also planning on starting a new traditional saddle which I'm in the process of thinking about a design and placing a rio rondo order.

I haven't been the most productive person but I did finish knitting this scarf. Here's the in progress pic I took, I kinda forgot to take a final picture before it went to it's new home...

I've also been making some of these adorable little crochet succulents. I got the pattern from

Miniature Kits