Monday, May 31, 2021


 I got some rainbow filament! I've been wanting some for a while and I finally convinced myself to get some... (I'm really good at convincing myself to get things lol!) One of the issues is that it takes a lot of filament to get a good expression of the color change... so it's going to take some experimentation. I printed out a jump stand to get an idea of how fast it changes and wow did it turn out better than expected. 

I was worried the shift would be too abrupt between the colors so it's nice that it's a long gradient of shift. One of the ways to get a even better shift is to do a bigger print. So instead of 2 jump stands, next time I might try 4 to get it more pronounced, the only downside being that it will take 22hrs to complete such a big print...

I'm trying to see if I'd be able to do buckets or feed pans but I've got to load the build plate up a lot to do so which is always a risk, if one piece comes unstuck it all has to go. 

In other news, I've been in a jump making mood recently. I finally go around to making a schleich scale version of my most popular jump. A classic scale version is in the works as well.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Why did they have to make the heads bigger?

 I guess all my dolls are old and now all of the new breyer dolls have the biggest heads.

 I made this really cool helmet for my dolls.

 But here we are, I don't make helmets to fit the new heads. I don't own dolls of the new heads. And now I have a really cool infographic since saying it won't fit the new dolls is not clear enough. But seriously why did they have to do a weird hybrid thing?

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