Saturday, May 8, 2021

Why did they have to make the heads bigger?

 I guess all my dolls are old and now all of the new breyer dolls have the biggest heads.

 I made this really cool helmet for my dolls.

 But here we are, I don't make helmets to fit the new heads. I don't own dolls of the new heads. And now I have a really cool infographic since saying it won't fit the new dolls is not clear enough. But seriously why did they have to do a weird hybrid thing?


  1. I actually called and fought with Breyer when they switched to the larger heads. Basically I was told that it was what people wanted. I disagree, lol.

  2. When it comes to performance showing, I am 100% pro-doll, but not those dolls. Truly, using the big head dolls is worse than going without. I wish Breyer would rethink this decision.


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