Monday, April 29, 2019

HBK7: Stirrups, Tree, And Girth

Progress is starting to become a lot more apparent.

I put together my stirrups.

They look pretty nice with the tooling. My one problem is really just matching left and right sides. It's really kinda a never-ending struggle. The stirrups are matched okay but the bottom part of the fenders that the stirrups go on... well it became far more apparent that one is thinner than the other. I don't know if a tracing error is to blame or a cutting error but the issue has been kinda fixed.

I have the tree mostly finished being covered with leather so yay!

I also made some billets!
And now I'm in the progress of making my woven cinch. I picked up the book from Rio Rondo and am doing my darnedest to work my way through it...

It's in progress... but this is actually the second one, because I screwed up the first one so bad, I had to start over.  But it works with the saddle so progress!!

Friday, April 26, 2019

HBK7: Time of Dyeing

Due to circumstances beyond my control, the colors of the leather do not match very well in a very noticeable way.

Much like with yarn, don't every buy two different lots far apart because the colors simply will not match and you will be sad. Especially with yarn because dependent on how different the dye lots are, you (the maker) will always notice it as you are making whatever it is and until the end of time.

But I am dyeing my saddle a nice brown so it is not all bad. I forgot to get a sensible color of suede for the seat so I'm deciding between royal blue and teal. Both will look nice but teal might be too fun of a color?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

HBK7: In progress #2

I'm trying a new system since tooling is kinda wearing me out. I work on the saddle for 20 min, then I head off to do other stuff for a few hours then back to 20 min working on the saddle. It's not really precise but it does give a good measurement of how long progress really takes.

For the first 20 min session of the day:

I usually put in my border first, then I do the stamp.
And yay! The upper skirt is done done done!!!!

I also put the border around the seat piece and finished off my session by getting some of the stamping done on that piece as well.

Session 1's final results are promising.

Session #2 ended with both seat pieces getting done! And that just about wraps things up. All that's left to tool is the stirrup fenders! Then I'm left with cutting out a few odd pieces and covering my tree, setting up my seat, glueing everything together, and making the bridle.... wow, I felt like so much got done but stick with me, because there is a long way to go.

Monday, April 15, 2019

HBK7: In progress

After a super busy weekend, I've finally gotten back to tooling the saddle! I planned on being further ahead but last week I mainly focused on my job search and then I managed to accidentally win tickets to Moto GP which my boyfriend was thrilled about. I'm more of a horse gal myself but I'll admit, watching bikes go around the track at fast speeds is rather thrilling.

So far, I've managed to cut out all the pieces that will be tooled.

I also got around to tooling both stirrups and half of the upper skirt before all of my patience ran out. I sincerely wish there was a faster way to do tooling....

I'm also having some difficulties still with keeping the tiny stamped rows straight. It's harder than it looks! Hopefully I'll get the motivation to finish the upper skirt later...

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

HBK7: Just Starting Out

Now that my supplies have finally arrived and I'm in the mindset to start making things I guess HBK7 will begin. I ended up getting myself a basketweave stamp from toolpaw on etsy and it works great. So good news is my saddles can now look more ornate with basket weaving which coincidentally is what my real life western saddle has. Bad news is it is way more labor intense to make a saddle and this tiny tool takes some getting used to. I've only just started tooling the skirt and I've got a bunch of other pieces to give the same treatment to.... :(

But check it out!
My basketweave is a little clumsy and uneven but I'm getting the hang of this tool. It's a little difficult to line up since the tip is so tiny.

I'm happy with the results, even if it takes copius amounts of time to do this detailed of work. Luckily I've got plenty of time on my hands at the moment.

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