Monday, April 15, 2019

HBK7: In progress

After a super busy weekend, I've finally gotten back to tooling the saddle! I planned on being further ahead but last week I mainly focused on my job search and then I managed to accidentally win tickets to Moto GP which my boyfriend was thrilled about. I'm more of a horse gal myself but I'll admit, watching bikes go around the track at fast speeds is rather thrilling.

So far, I've managed to cut out all the pieces that will be tooled.

I also got around to tooling both stirrups and half of the upper skirt before all of my patience ran out. I sincerely wish there was a faster way to do tooling....

I'm also having some difficulties still with keeping the tiny stamped rows straight. It's harder than it looks! Hopefully I'll get the motivation to finish the upper skirt later...

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