Monday, August 29, 2022

It's a Front

 I don't have the room for a full barn like I envisioned, but I do have the space for a stall or two... as roomboxes! So I started working on making a very fancy stall front.

One of the tricky parts was getting all the measurements right so that it fits snuggly in the outer box.

Cutting popsicle sticks to the exact same size is challenging.

Glueing together the popsicle sticks while trying to keep everything in a straight line.

Meanwhile I was designing the top bar parts in Fusion 360 in imperial *gasp* because all the square dowels were in inches and the box itself is in inches. (Oh sweet metric, going to 3/8" is so much worse than 9.5 mm)

I was also painting coffee stirrers (which along with popsicle sticks are my new favorite things).

Once they were painted and the trim was added to the doors things were looking pretty good!

I then had to get my hinges sorted out. These ones have very tiny screws that I needed to dig mini holes to put in. But combined with glue that will make them extra secure!

Up next is cutting all of the wood slats for the sides of the stall, finding a good battery light, making a latch for the stall, and deciding if I want to panel the back or brick the back because I have options. But overall I am really pleased with how this is coming together! 

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It's a Front