Saturday, October 26, 2019

Feed Bags and Sets are in Progress

So, while my significant other was out of the house I had copious amounts of time to play with fabric. Which led to me working on (but not really finishing) a bunch of hay bags while bobert was happily extruding buckets.

I present Progress

 Now they just need finishing touches... Like straps for the bags and handles for the buckets.... Back to work.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Props Making is My Addiction and I'm not sorry

On the list of places you should totally check out, thingiverse is the top. While a lot of their models are not in scale persay... that can be altered rather easily.

And once I made a laptop I found a microwave and mini fridge...

At my first barn, there was a viewing room that doubled as Ms. Atlas's office, and also a kinda break room with table, chairs, a microwave, and a mini fridge... It was also where all the bridles were hung... So we all basically hung out there and enjoyed our hot chocolate after a winter's riding lesson. Great times. But back to the model hobby, wouldn't it be great to also have the office part of that?

Saturday, October 12, 2019

In My defense I have lots of Colors to Make

So 3 new items are on my etsy, they are all a feed set as I call it. There is one for traditional, one for classic, and one for schleich. Many more will follow but these 3 are the first.




And I got fabric to match most of my bucket colors....

And a couple extras too! I might start making stable blankets again too but only once I get my sewing machine back...

Thursday, October 10, 2019


Oh boy... I've been slammed the last few weeks by lots of big orders (yay!) and work (not yay). Got a new part time job two months ago at Joann Fabrics then that degree kinda paid off and I moved up to a lab tech job. And the two overlapped for a bit because I didn't get enough notice to give enough notice. And I was dead... But I'm back from the grave in time for Halloween and also working on my new product lines...

Well, here we are after all that work...

We've got my saddle stands in both breyer and schleich scale... and

My new bundle. (the hay bag is not quite finished, needs the strap.) This is going to replace the new horse pack and each will be an individual item because I have lots of fabrics for the hay bags.

Done moving, still unpacking