Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Back to vacation mode/ All orders will go out on time

Welp life threw a curve ball during breyerfest. Landlord is selling the place we rent and we've got to move. So now we're scrambling to find a house in austin, tx... one of the craziest markets in the country. I will get all my current orders out within processing time but I have to re-close so we can focus on find a place to live. I'll update the blog when it reopens...

Saturday, July 10, 2021

The Witte Museum

 Over the 4th we decided to take a short trip down to San Antonio which is one of my favorite places to visit. We go a few times a year to enjoy the river walk. This time the weather was poor so we explored somewhere new! The Witte museum is part natural history, part native history, and part cowboy/ cowgirl history. We went through exabits on various dinosaur bones and fossil found in Texas (T-rexes were one of them in case you happen to be thinking of time traveling... lol). There were also maps of Texas throughout the prehistoric periods showing that it spent a lot of time under water and as part of a massive coastline which explains why they find so many fossils. 

But of course the best part of the museum involved horses!

I loved this museum display, the attention to detail was superb. I'm sure this would be a pretty strong setup on the live show table too!

Then we moved on to old west tack. Sorry for the glare from the glass. 

I really liked the use of color on this particular saddle.

And here we have a nice sidesaddle!

I also go some photos of the wagon of course!

As well as the information placard.

I really enjoyed the museum, if you are near San Antonio definitely go, we spent over 4 hrs there! Also if anyone want to use these as reference pics, I don't mind. 

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