Monday, April 29, 2019

HBK7: Stirrups, Tree, And Girth

Progress is starting to become a lot more apparent.

I put together my stirrups.

They look pretty nice with the tooling. My one problem is really just matching left and right sides. It's really kinda a never-ending struggle. The stirrups are matched okay but the bottom part of the fenders that the stirrups go on... well it became far more apparent that one is thinner than the other. I don't know if a tracing error is to blame or a cutting error but the issue has been kinda fixed.

I have the tree mostly finished being covered with leather so yay!

I also made some billets!
And now I'm in the progress of making my woven cinch. I picked up the book from Rio Rondo and am doing my darnedest to work my way through it...

It's in progress... but this is actually the second one, because I screwed up the first one so bad, I had to start over.  But it works with the saddle so progress!!

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