Monday, March 18, 2019

Long time no blog #1

If I had a dime for every time I made a new years resolution and then kinda didn't follow it, well, I definitely wouldn't need to have a day job or an etsy shop. I've moved to Texas so howdy y'all! But after such a big move I've kinda stalled in all things crafty as I struggle to unpack stuff. I've had to reorganize my craft stuff and take an inventory of all the things I kinda sorta forgot to move with... (thanks mom for storing them until I figure out when to get them). But while my life has been completely discombobulated by these events and my job search, I've temporarily closed the etsy shop so I can get my ish together.

But I'm back to blogging and probably by next week the shop will be back open. Then HBK#5 &6 will be back on sale. I'm also planning on starting a new traditional saddle which I'm in the process of thinking about a design and placing a rio rondo order.

I haven't been the most productive person but I did finish knitting this scarf. Here's the in progress pic I took, I kinda forgot to take a final picture before it went to it's new home...

I've also been making some of these adorable little crochet succulents. I got the pattern from

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