Tuesday, January 29, 2019

HBK6: From start to finish!

HBK6 came together super quickly, which I really appreciated! I'm completely in love with making these tiny saddles. They come together quickly and just look stunning! So from start to finish here we gooooo!

Making the tree.

I used florists wire but jewelry wire works just fine too. I used tooling calf leather. Honestly, use less leather than I did. Next time I'm just going to clamp both sides of leather together and then cut out the shape of the tree. The way I did it this time is fine, but it made a really bulky tree which is not quite to scale but looks fine.

So bend wire into saddle tree with horn.

Cover with leather. Tooling calf for shoulders, skiver for horn.

Next I cut out the skirt and made the girth out of leather lace with buckles on both sides. Glued on jump rings to bottom of skirt and glued on billets too.

Here's it on my horse. Yay. I also put the corner plates on. 

I put on the silver and stirrups and upper skirt. Next went making the seat.

Making the seat is actually pretty simple. It's suede glued to skiver. Then before the glue dries, I shape it into a seat. I also glue on the cantle support.

Next put the seat on. Then attach the cantle. Then the wings or whatever proper term they're called.

All done! The dinos approve!

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