Saturday, January 26, 2019

HBK5: Go Tiny or Go Home

Personally, I want to go tiny and go home but that's just me. I've started my foray into the realm of 1:32 which is so tiny! But I absolutely love it! I thought it would be hard, not so much. I'll probably try for a tutorial in HBK6. HBK5 was really a test run to see if I could do it. I've learned a lot from my first stablemate western saddle and I've had fun with the new rio rondo silver plates! The best part is I literally got the saddle done in one day, yep it came together that fast!

Starting out I made a girth of leather lace with buckles, changed the buckles to cut down on bulk. I need to make a longer girth next time. I didn't really take pictures of this step... But here's the finished girth with the lower skirt.

I used rio rondo d rings for the front girth holding because they're flat to cut down on bulk under the stirrups. I used jump rings for the back girth. I also put on my corner plate! I'll show how all this is done later.

Here's it on the horse. 

Next I made a tree, forgot to take pictures of how I did that. Even I am surprised at how well it turned out!

Then I proceeded to build the seat, put it on and suddenly remember stirrups exist. Then I had to take the seat off and put stirrups on and put the seat back on.. :P

I also put the upper skirt on and side panels and then I remembered to take a picture.

PS. I added more silver after that... 

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