Friday, January 25, 2019

HBK5 and HBK6 are done!

Yup I know that was fast! They turned out so cute too! I tried to be quick about getting all these saddles done in preparation for my move next month. The less stuff to move, the better. Unfortunately I still have lots of stuff....

HBK5 and HBK6 will be headed to etsy today.

We'll see when they sell. HBK4 has already sold so if you wanted that one, you missed out. And I'm not going to be making traditional size saddles for a while. I'm going to stick to the 1:32 scale for a bit longer. I think going that small and detailed is going to really improve my tack making abilities. For starters I've already learned a few skills for making my own trees. Which I need to improve on for sure.

HBK5: Light tan leather with blue seat and heavy silvering.

HBK6: Light tan leather with a teal seat and heavy silvering.

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