Monday, January 20, 2020

Packaging Tips

So before Christmas I mailed out a lot of orders. Most got to their destination just fine. One pitch fork arrived broken. It was as I had always feared. Usually when I pack I put a piece of cardboard behind the pitch forks and rakes to keep them safe. Sometimes I make a prism to keep it safer but that relies on me having a lot of scrap cardboard around. Either way, this was the photo sent to me. :'(

Both the 1/8" dowel and the actual pla plastic were damaged. I put the replacement in an actual box (was not going to risk it for round two).

And then I went on amazon and got shipping boxes. So that none of my more fragile products (ie. the ones involving thin dowel rods) would go through that again.

The result is even better than expected. My next order to go out is some jump blocks in schleich scale with the accompanying dowel rod poles.

And now I have a nice protective box to keep them safe on their journey. (The best part is etsy doesn't even charge more for shipping because the boxes are still super small!)

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