Sunday, February 2, 2020


While I have not been a chatty blogger, things have been getting done at a relatively good pace. I have made lots of jump blocks. They are printed with a brim that ensures the print doesn't come unstuck and move around which causes a failure.That is then removed and the edges are cleaned up. The scraps are recycled and will someday become a new spool of filament.

I also painted lots of posts. Key tip: Prime them first. I like Rustoleum primer because it works well and not because I worked there for a few years.

I got around to quality testing some features for cool new stuff (spoilers). This hook needs beefing up otherwise it can be bent and fall off. :0

One of my favorite things is R&D and I'm super happy that I have a little time to work on that. One of the most valuable assets of 3D printing is allowing for very complex designs that can then be printed in one or two pieces. 

Look out for the pink thing, it will be announced in a few weeks. And it will be epic!

And finally after a rocky start, Soup is settling in well and has found himself a cool toy box bed.

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