Sunday, January 12, 2020

Meet Soup and starting on HBK10

So we've been expecting this big boy all week and we finished our preadoption classes so he got to come home with us! He's souper cute even if he's a bit naughty. You can just see the devious look in his eyes...
Today he got some fun new toys, a nice long walk, and a bath ( not a huge fan of the bath) but he's napping it off. Yes, his real name is Soup.

I managed to work through my excitement to start on HBK10 which is theoretically a real western gaming saddle.
But it's not really much to look at now. I'm working on basic skills such as evenly cutting in ng out pieces with an exacto knive (versus the blasphemous way I've been doing it with scissors). The exacto knife gives a lot more control especially with curvy things, but it's way easier to slip and ruin the whole thing. Once everything is cut out, I'm going to start tooling (which I need lots of practice with).

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