Monday, January 6, 2020

Grand Reopening

We're jumping into 2020 with some great new products, namely these cool jump blocks!

Which come in lots of sizes and all the colors!

I've been working on improving my photo taking.

The pitch fork picture went from this:

To this:

Hopefully, my photo updates will continue on track since I definitely think the second picture is better for advertising. 

The project on my workbench right now (besides updating the shop and v.2 of the stall) is a donation piece for my not-so-local-anymore 4H tacksale. I'm also in the progress of getting business cards made because those would be super cool and also I'm kinda running a business at this point.

Anyway, I plan on putting together a entire schleich set with the horse included as a donation.

My next project is a saddle but that will be a bit later.

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