Saturday, January 4, 2020

DIY Breyer Stall Part 3: Finishing and Some Extras

It took the beginning of a whole new year to finish this stall. I'm already planning the next one to make it smaller and better. (the size on this one was... a bit overkill...).

So I found tiny hinges. The screws were too long to go through the door so I glued it on.

I decided the door looked ugly so I added some trim.

Much better!

Then I put it on. It's a little off, I left too much of a gap, but if it wasn't obvious before, my carpentry skills are a little nonexistent.

I put in a eyelet so that I could hang a haybag.

Then I made a bucket hook like so. Take about 1.5 inches of wire.

Bend over both ends as shown.

Next fold it in half so that the hooks are parallel with each other.

Then bend out to form a hook ("s" shape) that won't stab things.

Finally, hang a bucket!

This stall is still a bit huge so maybe it's a luxury stall?


  1. Please, what thickness/type of wire is that bucket hook made from?

    1. I believe it's 20 gauge wire or something around that thickness.


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