Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!

Wow, 2020, the beginning of a new decade. There are going to be some big moments this year. I'm committed to keeping up my shop, and trying to keep up this blog too.

Highlights of 2019

In June I finished my Stirrups design and they went live on etsy, they then got redesigned in November-ish because Yvonne has big feet.

I finished 5 saddles this year including my first english one.

My CAD designs went from nothing to... 11 (That are on etsy, I designed other random things too.)

  1. English Stirrups 
  2. Western Stirrups 
  3. Pitch Forks  
  4. Rakes  
  5. Buckets  
  6. Jump Cups  
  7. Saddle Racks with a *Blanket Bar*  
  8. Bridle Racks  
  9. *Customizable* Bridle Racks  
  10. Saddle Stands  
  11. Feed Pans  
My stirrups and pitch forks became got a glowing review from Braymere. Which is very exciting.

For the New Year I've got some goals. I met most of mine from last year so I'm not doing too bad at this.
  1. Blog more often! (What every blogger ever says). Ideally I want to keep to a 2 blog posts per month/ every other week schedule.
  2. Make 5 new designs. That works out to roughly 1 every 2 months with some room to spare. Between my day job and my shop, design time is low.
  3. Redo all photos because I need to up my game!
  4. Keep a better inventory of popular items. I got slammed over thanksgiving with 20 orders, I definitely did not have enough stock to keep up with that...
  5. Make a saddle. I want to improve that skill too. So I need some practice.

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