Saturday, July 27, 2019

Think Pink

My bridle making skills are at this point at a cobble together some leather lace level. But you can't really tool leather lace or even dye it very well. That's when I came across this post: . Sure rio rondo will sell you a kit for an english bridle but they won't tell you that your product won't look nearly as nice or realistic as a lot of the current makers. Instead you really need to be cutting your own leather lace from tooling leather so that it can be tooled (gasp. how the tables have tabled). And with this in mind I embarked on my current product: a pink bridle with gymkhana reins and normal reins. Another thing to learn, making reins that can be switched but that is a later problem.

As you can kinda see, I've tooled stitch marks on all the pieces so far. I've got the browband and two cheek pieces "done". (I'm working on sparkle conchos because why not so they'll be getting a bit more decor in a bit).

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