Sunday, July 28, 2019

Pink Bridle Going live

  • Stitch marks on browband and side pieces. 
  • Custom shaped side pieces
  • Everything is adjustable, even the chin strap (not usually the case, I'm afraid)
  • Reins are re-attachable and adjustable
  • Leather conchos around the sparkle conchos
Things that I need to work on:
  • None of the buckles have tongues (oh my). Need to get myself the proper gauge of wire for this!
  • Stitch marks are only in some places, not all...
  • Uneven stitch marks! (Could be fixed if I purchase a pounce wheel or practiced a lot more)
  • Colorful, yes. Intricate, not even close. Need to work on details!!!!
  • Generalized bulk reduction.
Anyway it is now up on my etsy for $25. Edit: Sold! I've learned a lot and I think it looks pretty good. Here of some pics of it on Cupcake.

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