Monday, July 29, 2019

Adventures in yarn dyeing

While I mainly focus on model horse stuff, I do often spend time crocheting... to the point that my college roommate started affectionately calling me the Mad Hooker, kinda like the mad hatter? Anyway, I've been entranced with etsy's selection of hand dyed yarns but I could never convince myself to buy any because it is soooo expensive. I get it, handdyeing takes time and resources. I'm sure those folks are charging a perfectly fair price and everything but I also had a pinterest pin saved for dyeing yarn in a crock pot. Yarn dyeing is probably a lot more complex in big batches but I just wanted to try it a little bit. Boy was I shocked at how well it went.

I got a nice crockpot from goodwill and some *naked* superwash merino wool yarn...

I added some dyes I picked up off of amazon. Jacquard dyes are the bomb but they are more expensive on amazon than at knitpicks. Now you know.

And bada bing bada boom that yarn turned out fantastic!!!!

Sooooooo pretty I just had to make something with it right?

Messy bun hat? Definitely makes a nice messy bun hat!

 Just look at how cool the colors look! Such a vibrant variegation pattern. It reminds me of the camo yarn red heart sells but way deeper colors.

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