Wednesday, July 31, 2019

DyeHard 1

Okay, I'm addicted to dyeing yarn. Way too addicted. Today I tried to make two different styles of ombre yarn. One way I liked, the other I am never doing again.

What I liked. Putting one end of the skein in the dye bath to saturate, then gradually putting more in so that it dilutes. Then new color and repeat with other side. It worked well and I can't wait to see how the yarn fairs on my hat test. Hat test is to see how the color pans out in a back and forth strip (the brim of my hat) and in rounds (as in the upper portion of the hat).

Yummy yarn bath!!!! Ignore the ball. The ball is bad. It is angry second way...

I dipped the other side in blue and wahlah.

The second way involved soaking the yarn, *making a yarn ball, dyeing the yarn ball until the dye penetrated it, removing the yarn from dye bath, rinsing, changing dye bath color, *unwinding ball into second reverse ball, putting back in dye bath, pulling out and *unraveling so it could dry. It tangled at every step you see an *, so I had to undo a yarn barf 3 times. It was not fun. And it made the yarn pill badly because it was played with when wet...

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