Tuesday, August 13, 2019

New Projects Ahoy!

So, I've been very busy with some cad. Now Bobert and I are just working thorough prototypes for the new stuff for my shop. So far I've come up with 2, possibly 3 sets and a novel idea for some performance showing.

Set # 1: Tack Room Organization

2 Bridle Racks
2 wall mounted saddle racks
1 saddle stand
possibly some shelves?

Set # 2: New Horse Barn Pack (easy 1 stop everything you need for 1 horse in the stall)
1 Water bucket
1 small bucket
1 feed pan
1 rope haynet

Set # 3: Horse Barn Accessories
1 Pitch fork
1 Muck Bucket
1 Rake
1 feed scoop?
1 Feed Bin?

I'm also working on putting together a tack shop setup. Because I've made like half the stuff you find in those and honestly I'm working on making more.

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