Thursday, July 25, 2019

Custom Color English Saddles Now for Order

Inspired by my green saddle, I'm going to be opening a listing to make custom order english saddles. These saddles will be made to match my printed stirrup colors so there's a rainbow of possibilities. Since I might have to order more rio rondo supplies to do this, the time window for shipping will be over around 2 weeks and the price will be increased a bit but I feel that having a custom colored saddle might be worth that.

This is the style of saddle.

The stirrup color, knee roll color, seat color, and stirrup keeper color will all match and be choose-able. 

The saddle color will be either this brown, rust, or neutral for now, I might add in black at a later date.

I'm hoping to improve my girth for the next saddle, to make it more realistic.

Eventually I'd like to offer matching bridles but my bridle making is in need of improvement. I need to work on making more delicate pieces. Overall I'd say at my current level, they lack sophistication. 

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