Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Going Green

HBK9 was different... It was my first english saddle and I was so nervous. Kinda like how nervous I was making my first rio rondo western saddle but double that because I didn't do it from a kit. I have had the Keri Okie English saddle with tree book for about two years and I finally put it to good use. And I botched that too. So the original knee rollers defeated me... And I didn't have enough leather to retry them so in my last rio rondo order I got some more... And then I made the decision that the saddle needed more color so... green...

My skirt with knee rolls looks okay. Next time I'll bulk up the knee padding so that the edge looks better. It is a little sunk in at the moment.

Then I put the skiver over the seat and left it overnight to dry. But wait?

Oh no! My clamp left a print that I just can't get rid of!

Luckily I had more skiver and I also last minute decided that the seat needed to be green as well. ;P

I am in love with this color combination...

Cutting out skiver for over the bottom flaps. I had to read over this whole part about 20 times before I figured out kinda how to do it.

Then everything got dyed. Somehow I forgot to make this part initially or something. I dunno.

Lots of confusion. Lots of resetting. Lots of regluing. And now it is a saddle. I think it looks pretty nice.

Making me a girth for this... Yay!

Gotta try everything on the horse, of course! I also used my 3D printed green stirrups which kinda match the color. I think the color matching is the hardest part of this... 

Anyway, this saddle and it's girth should find their way onto etsy in the next couple of days along with this lovely purple gaming bridle. Edit: The green saddle has sold.

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