Thursday, May 30, 2019

Expected Arrivals

My amazon order showed up today... In it was all my new PURPLE!!! shipping envelopes. Without those envelopes I've got a pile growing of small model horse tack items that are destined for etsy. I'm also waiting on pla filament for my new hobby/ making stuff for model horse. My boyfriend was telling me how he could make stuff with his 3D printer and how it would be super useful and initially I was like, "no, I just can't think of any way that would really help...". Boy was he thrilled to hear, "you're right", when I realized I could print detailed things in as small as 1:9. So now I'm joining him in his hobby and thus I really really really cannot wait for my pla to come in.... So many big plans!!!!

So I got the mail today and I'm impressed with how fast USPS shipping is. Not only did I get my silver and turquoise pla,
My Rio Rondo order also arrived!!!!!

And from Amazon? 

Purple shipping envelopes!

And a rainbow of PLA!!!!

Time to get stuff done! Look for an update about my secret project and some really exciting new stuff in my etsy shop! I'll be cranking out .... all day tomorrow to get it ready for sale!!!

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