Tuesday, June 4, 2019

HBK8 is on it's way

HBK8 is going to be a western show saddle. I'm working on new techniques like putting in a boarder and stitch marks. They're not the best most even stitch marks and the border is kinda crooked, but gosh darn it, I'm trying. That being said, I think it looks nice and it is coming along well. If you check out my etsy shop, you'll notice that the amount of stuff I carry has practically doubled. I'm hoping to try to keep the shop stocked with 10+ items at all times to make it worth a visit. I'm also trying to get into the props hobby. I know there is already a group on there that is selling a variety of props and I don't really want to take their business so I'm thinking that I'm going to isolate things they are not making and offer things in crazy fun colors to diversify myself.

I saw this as a tip on some other blog but I cannot remember which so I'll just say it here. I used a glue stick to temporarily stick on my silver so that I could trace it. I think the saddles look a little nicer if you depress the area that the silver is going to go to make it somewhat flush with the leather.

All the leather edging got done. Not super even but it looks okay.

Edged the stirrup leathers too. I also put on my corner plates which honestly came out really nice.

Just putting that tree on. We're like 33% done now?

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