Monday, May 27, 2019

DIY Fringed Breast Collar

While I'm still waiting for my smaller bubble mailer envelopes to arrive, I've gotten through a backlog of smaller projects. I'm also waiting on a rio rondo order and an amazon order that is going to upend the entire model horse world... maybe not that big, but I am in the process of making something really cool and original.

But today's tutorial will focus on making a breast collar for a traditional model horse. Feel free to scale down for classics too.

My pattern is here:

I accidentally did the center piece upside down but otherwise this shows my orientation of the breast collar.

  • Scissors
  • x acto knife (If you're a kid, make sure to get a parents help to use this)
  • needle nose pliars
  • glue 
  • clamps
  • tooling leather (small amount)
  • suede leather in desired color
  • leather lace
  • 1 large jump ring (for center)
  • 2 small jump rings
  • 3 buckles (rio rondo size 3/32)
  • 2 large D rings
  • 1 small open D ring
  • 1 hook thing

1. Cut out the pattern in the tooling leather.

2. Bend the tabs and skive down the leather a bit for a better fit.
3. Glue the two interior tabs around the large jump ring as shown.

4. Glue on a large D ring to each end of the shoulder pieces.
5. Cut a 3" piece of leather lace. Skive. Bend over about a 1/2" tab. Glue around the center jump ring as shown.

6. Cut two 3 1/2" pieces of leather lace, skive. Attach a buckle to each as shown.

7. Thread a small jump ring onto each as shown. Loop through the large D ring, then loop back through the small jump ring. Buckle. The buckle should be facing the good side of the leather. 

This one was actually done backwards but hopefully you get the idea.

8. Cut out a 2 3/4" piece of leather lace. Bend it into thirds. Put the hook on the small open d-ring, then glue to one side of the piece. Glue a buckle on the other side. Buckle onto center piece of leather lace with the hook facing up.

9. Cut out pieces of suede that are somewhat larger than your breast collar shoulder pieces, they should be longer on the bottom as shown. Glue to the back of the breast collar shoulder pieces as shown.
10. Even them out so that they are the same size and length. Trim off any excess on the top.
11. Glue the center piece to the leather lace as shown. Cut small fringes along trying to keep an even size. You've finished!


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