Saturday, January 19, 2019

HBK4: The saddle has started!

It's been weeks since I've posted and that's unfortunate but I've been a little busy with visiting my grandmother in Florida and mucking stalls in a 30 stall barn for a few weeks and generally trying to find some form of inspiration. Today was that day. I only had to muck 15 stalls since I had a partner in crime that did the other half. And of course while at the barn, even with a snowstorm pounding the Midwest where I live, there were people out and about. That led to a conversation with a girl about her love of and collecting of tea (my caffeinated beverage of choice) which eventually spiraled into finding out that she too collects model horses and makes tack. One long discussion later and somehow my inspiration was rekindled and that has lead to starting HBK4 (Handcrafted By Kari 4).

So I started by gathering my tools.

And getting out my leather too.

Then I sized my pattern. I like the fit of the shorter skirt better for sure!

And the silver looks so nice on it!

Next I cut out all the leather and started dyeing it. I like to dye after I cut everything out because it gets the edges colored as well.

And the final bit of work I managed today: Making the billets!

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