Sunday, January 20, 2019

HBK4: In Progress 1

Made a front and back leather cinch. This will probably be the last set of these. I really like the black cinches that I've seen on etsy and I think I'll probably pick up a few to put with the saddles or maybe I'll come up with a way to make them on my own. I'll cross that bridge some other time.

I put a nice chamois backing on the cinches since that makes them less likely to scratch or rub the models.

Made stirrups... Looks like some form of torture device but they turned out well...ish. They look better on the saddle.

Putting the stirrups on the fenders. They look better.

I made the billets last time but I've attached them to the lower skirt.

Also did the fun wrap job on the resin tree. Yay... my least favorite part because you actually have to hold it, you can't just clamp it.

Gluing things on is so much fun. Make sure to wrap the model in something protective like cling wrap to protect it. Lady phase is my favorite model for this because she is standing squarely which makes positioning things straight much easier.

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