Tuesday, January 22, 2019

HBK4: Almost Done!

After much procrastinating on making the saddle, it sure comes together quickly. Some bad news is that while I will still be listing the saddle for sale on etsy, there will not be a bridle with it. Blame me and my clumsy hands, I kinda sorta accidentally broke one side of the bit. So now here I am, bitless... and since my move is coming up soon, I'm really not going to have enough time to get in another rio rondo order nor do I want to. I've got a long list of things that I'll be needing from them and I'd hate to have to move everything especially because things are bound to become lost upon moving. But onto the saddle.

Putting the seat on. It's actually a little crooked, but not a noticeable amount unless your a bit of a perfectionist like me.

Then on goes the upper skirt. I love the plating I did on this one, it looks nice.

Putting on the suede seat was a whole other story. That took a lot of clamps.

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