Monday, December 31, 2018

Obligatory New Year's Goals Post

Hello 2019! May you be even better than 2018 which you know will be kinda hard but I believe in you! Some memorable moments of 2018 were: finally graduating college (yes, I'm actually an engineer now... fear me! Mwahahaha... *cough), opening my etsy shop where I managed to sell all of the tack I posted, and acquiring a herd of tiny plastic dinosaurs. But just you wait, next year is going to be even BETTER!!!!

For starters I'm going to be moving cross country from a little town in Wisconsin all the way to Austin Texas to reunite with my significant other! Super hyped about that. We've been long distance ever since he decided to graduate (he's a year above me) and move far far far away to get a cool job with planes and stuff... So my studio will be on the move very soon.

But moving studio or not, stuff is gonna get done in 2019! My goals have gotten bigger from last year  (mainly because I didn't really have any) and without further ado:

  1. Keep up the good work, blogwise. This is a very young blog and I'm proud to say that it is getting lots of TLC. And my goal is to give it even more TLC!
  2. Improve my tack making skills. So far, I've really only made a couple of western saddles and three harnesses. These are things I am familiar. Maybe I should try to branch out or I could work to improve these two things or because I really like a good challenge... I'm gonna try to do both.
  3. Up my crochet game. I spend a lot of time on this blog working on model horse, but I definitely do a lot of crochet. And I'm going to keep on doing that.
  4. Grow my etsy shop. At this point I've sold out of all of my tack and I've just got a smattering of small crochet items left. I'm going to try to restock it pretty often.
  5. Take more pictures. So often when I'm doing something I get so in the zone that I don't think about taking pictures until it is way to late.

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