Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Pre-Christmas Goodies from Rio Rondo!

I put in my first order for the new year a little early so that I could surprise myself for Christmas with all the tackmaking materials I'm going to need for my New Year's resolutions. And Rio Rondo did not disappoint! I'm super excited to announce that I will be making 3 western saddle sets, 1 traditional size and two stablemate size! When I saw that Rio Rondo has started carrying bitty sized things I just had to get one of almost everything. I've been thinking about going down a few model sizes since I'm looking at a cross country move in my near future and I'll definitely have less space then. So of course it was like fate that I browsed their website and found out that they'd added a whole new line! (*random excited noises). Without futher ado, my haul:

Itty Bitty things!!!!

The corner plates are really detailed for how small they are!

Next come the bits, and it's two sets! Again the detail is superb!

Then we have tiny buckles!

And these cool strips of diamonds which will make some stunning bridles, I'm sure.

And fancy little cantle plates! Obviously these are going to be some blingy saddles!

Then there's the little stirrups. Again I am floored by the level of detail on such small items!

There are also traditional sized things!!!

Like all of the hardware pieces for my next saddle set!

And the saddle tree + seat!

New Leather!

I actually had a bunch of somewhat good leather that I've been meaning to use up. You can see the chew marks that Sirius left...

 He looks super guilty, right?

Sneak peek at one of my New Year's goals: I'm going to blog more, and by more I've decided to go through the process of making these saddles. Yup, that's my first step. If I can accomplish that (fingers crossed) then I'll find a new thing to blog about.

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