Thursday, April 21, 2022

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

 Why must I make things harder for myself? If I would just go down to classic scale I'd have all the wonderful doll furniture at my fingertips. But I just like traditional models better so therefore everything must be 1:9 scale instead. I've found for small things like food and dishes you can bend the rules, the scales are close enough small things look okay. Not the case with furniture... So now that I've made tables and desks that got me thinking I wanted a kitchen for my not even constructed dollhouse. Because reasons. Anyway I've been working on cabinets and got those pretty close to done so I felt it was time to have a kitchen sink too.

The faucet swivels and everything. I bought some miniature hinges and drawer knobs so once I get these painted up I can assemble them. I even designed in indents for the knobs to go in. The mark of high quality dollhouse pieces is functionality so the cabinets must have doors and drawers that open and close! Eventually these stls will make it onto thingiverse once I get them finished! Also, while I don't have many listings on my etsy shop, it is open and I am taking custom orders so if something you want isn't listed, just ask! 😁

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  1. "Everything but the kitchen sink!" I once saw a marching band performance which whipped out a tin sink and had the drummer pounding on it... Your sink is cute. Every tack/feed room in decently large model barns should have one. This is where I feel the lack of hybridization with the dollhouse world, where such a thing would be much more common.


Everything and the Kitchen Sink