Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Tinkercad: A beginner CAD tutorial

 So Fusion 360 has moved to require a subscription. Which I'm fine with, but for folks wanting to get into CAD designing without shelling out for that, I've got another solution, https://www.tinkercad.com/ . It's free and requires no downloads! This is a tutorial for designing a feed pan, much like the last tutorial just because they are a quick and easy way to start.

I started out my CAD designing here and a lot of complex designs were made with this program (jumps, saddle stands, etc.)

Here you have a set of basic shapes to make your design out of. For this tutorial we're going to start with the cone.

To start just place a cone on the build surface, then when you click on it you can change the dimensions.

For a traditional sized pan well start with a base of 26 mm by 26 mm.

Then we'll adjust the height to 10 mm. The red square is how you adjust the height and the arrow on top is how you would raise and lower the shape. The two headed arrows are for rotating. 

To make it a bucket shape look in the top right menu. Where it says top radius set it to 14. That will widen the top of the cone and leave you with a feed pan like shape.

Next in the top left corner you have symbols (copy, paste, duplicate, delete). Copy the shape we've just made.

Grab the arrow at the top and pull one shape up 3 mm to get an offset.

Next in the right menu choose hole for the upper shape.

Drag your mouse over both shapes. In the top right corner chose the group symbol. That will cause the hole to cut out the interior of the shape. 

Tada you have a feed pan!

Tinkercad is a bit odd for a CAD program but it is also very intuitive which makes it a really good starting place.

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