Sunday, March 15, 2020

Tack Box 2.0

Walmart discontinued the *perfect* tack box a few months ago, which left me scrambling for a new one. I found one at hobby lobby but it was just not quite the right size. Either it would be too big and flimsy or I would have to par down the box to keep the quality high. I chose the second option but that required a bit more work. But now I can unveil it!

It holds 8 saddles and blankets!

And a whopping 16 halters/ Bridles using my cool bridle racks!

I even put a custom handle on because why not. Actually it's because the handles that the boxes come with are pretty fragile... I had one break from me just pulling the box off the shelf.

And for an extra charge, I'll put a custom nameplate on.

BTW, it comes in more colors than teal!

If you wanna pick one up, it's live on etsy! Just follow this link!

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