Friday, November 15, 2019

DIY Breyer Stall Part 1: Planning the stall

I don't have a barn. Or a stall. All my life I have always wanted a breyer barn. I've simplified that down to just a stall, something I can reasonably do. And because we're heading into the season of giving, I'm going to do this as a tutorial, just in case anyone else really wants a stall too.

Not a pretty plan, but it is a plan.

Supply List:
-12 in x 12 in piece for bottom
-3 (12 in x 9 in pieces) for sides and back
- 8 in x 5 in piece for front wall
- 4 in x 5 in piece for door
- 1/2 in dowels for corner posts.
-Wood glue
-Tiny hinges

*Supply list may change as this project progresses... sorry.

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  1. I just found the blog, and of course I did so right after I placed another order. Oh well, maybe next time!

    Great blog, by the way. I've added it to the sidebar of mine.



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