Tuesday, June 25, 2019

For the fun of it

Today I decided that I *needed* a mini whinnie sized barn. To sit on my desk. Because reasons. So I started with some graph paper.

It's going to be a two stall barn so it must fit two horses!

Wow it looks so good like a barn!!! Is that all I'm going to do with it? A paper barn, how lame. Noooope. I sat down with tinkercad and presto chango...

It's only one stall, not two because I didn't want to waste the filament if it didn't pan out. Yes the door does swing. I'm going to do the roof in a different color. Ideally I'll pick up some wood fill pla so I can legit make mini breyer barns for mini whinnies. I don't really know what they could be used for besides just looking really cute on a desk but someday maybe I'll offer them in my shop.

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