Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A stand above the rest

I have been super busy with playing with my SO's 3D printer. (He's teaching me!!!). And as previously mentioned, I didn't think there would be many things to make with it... But I have finally finished my design of a wall mounted saddle holder. I even added a spot to hold a blanket. They can be easily attached to any surface with the stuff that binds this hobby together... SUPER GLUE! They hold traditional saddles well. I am also working on making bridle racks that can also be glued on. In case anyone is like me and wants a tack room in miniature.

Most of the ones I've made are in silver mainly due to the fact that I have a large spool of that but I can do other colors as well.

I also have 4 and 5 hook bridle racks to keep all those pesky halters and bridles contained!

And yes, everything is dinosaur approved!

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