Friday, May 10, 2019

HBK7 is finished

HBK7 is finally finished. It took way longer to make than I expected, partially due to tooling, partially due to learning how to weave a cinch, and mainly due to an overwhelming lack of motivation. But it's finished! Next I guess I'll be moving on to making HBK8 which will either be my first english saddle because I have everything but the courage necessary to make that or a western set that will need another trip to rio rondo before it starts. I guess we'll know soon enough.

Edit: HBK7 has sold!
 But here is a bunch of pictures of it being modeled on my Max, which I really need to find a replacement for because he needs to be retired to protect his tummy which I lucked out in getting signed by the owner! (Interestingly enough I know the person who owned Fleet Street Max's sire which just goes to show how connected the horse world is. If you don't know somebody, chances are somebody you know does.)

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