Friday, February 26, 2021

Tiny Treats

 So at this point in my life I have two 3d printers... but I don't have a color printer. Our printer is black and white, so that we wouldn't have to waste money on color ink... because we'd never need to use that right? 

WRONG! All the cool printables that are now available: just download, print, and assemble... But we have no room for another printer.

Luckily I found a cute shop on etsy ( that has traditional scale treat bags! They are super cute and just the right size. They even come with some biscuits! 

Pumpkin Pie seams to like them! 

(I really liked the suggestion of pumpkin, and I love pumpkin pie so I think it fits. It's not even the first food name pony I've had, my sister and I used to show our hackney pony Star as Starburst. Long story short he came from an auction with the name Darrell. We changed it.)


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