Saturday, September 5, 2020

Is September too early for Halloween? Christmas?

I'm looking for things to break up this monotony. There's so much bad news. In this hobby, in the real world. And amidst all of this, I went to hobby lobby. I needed wood boxes to make more tack boxes and some dowel rods because I always need dowel rods. Hobby lobby has the best dowel rods, they are much sturdier than the ones you can find at Joanns and the grain doesn't raise as much when you paint them.

I wanted the squirrels. But I already had pumpkins for a little holiday freebie. I put the squirrels back.

Then... Christmas. 

I am not ready for Christmas... yet. But hobby lobby is. And they have a lot of nice miniature things ready to go.

I really liked the trees. I will need some soon. (after Halloween).

And tinier trees plus wreaths. ( I will be back for these.)

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