Sunday, August 2, 2020

Safety First

I don't know why to my knowledge no one has 3D printed helmets for the dolls. When I showed 4H we had a judge who decided mid-show that all the dolls MUST wear helmets since that was a rule for showing real horses in 4H. I did not own a single doll helmet so I had to attach a strap to the bottom of a western hat and pretend it was a helmet-hat (which luckily is a real thing) otherwise I'd risk showing the glue spot on my saddle that was oh so conveniently hidden by a rider. It was my second saddle, mistakes were made.

So much safer to land headfirst now!

It does look nice when the doll is riding too!

Yes, it comes in lots of colors. It fits the older breyer doll like the one shown and it should fit yvonne/gracie dolls too. I asked the facebook community and it seems her head is a bit smaller.

It can also easily be spray painted to a even more custom color or if someone more talented at sewing wants to make helmet covers, that would work too!


  1. I was just thinking of printing some helmets! what a great idea.

  2. Here I was thinking that doll was practicing headstands. Tone up the circulation, improve brainpower, look Ma no hands, my horse is bombproof -- Yeah, I'm testing my new helmet --


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