Monday, July 13, 2020

We're Back Open!

The shop is on hiatus no longer! Back and better than ever! I've launched a bunch of new products which I'm super excited about (and there are more to come)!

I've got milk crates!

And Cones!

Fun Rainbow Cones!

Groom boxes in Traditional, Classic, and Schleich!

I added each of the groom tools separately:


Curry Comb!

And Sweat scraper!

And if you read this far: THERE IS A 20% OFF SALE GOING ON! Grab some of these goodies before they're gone (don't worry I'll restock :)  )


  1. Those milk crates are so cool. And I love the idea of patient readers getting a discount!

  2. I tried to place an order but almost everything I wanted was sold out. I'll be first in line at the restock.