Monday, December 9, 2019

Bow Making

Tis the season and you can bet those super fancy bows would be nice for wreaths or presents or whatever else needs a nice sparkly bow. But why shell out $10 dollars a pop when you could get ribbon and pipe cleaners for half that and make a bunch of bows?

Making Fancy Bows

I got some shiny pipe cleaners but you could also use plain wire or florist wire.

Next you need some ribbon, I really prefer the stuff with the wires because it stays a lot nicer. For anyone looking to make tiny bows for breyers, yes this will work with very thin ribbons too.

Pull out a bit and fold, leaving some at the end for the tail.

Next, twist the ribbon 180 to form a loop. This is where the wired ribbon shines.

Make another loop on the opposite side and then twist.

It's already a bow!!!!

You can now go back to the other side, form a loop and twist. Repeat until you have the desired amount of loops.

Use the pipe cleaner (or wire) to keep the bow together.

Then you can fluff out your loop to get the look you want.

I like putting smaller complimentary bows inside of my big bows. Another cool method is to make the bow with two ribbons simultaneously.

Enjoy Decking the Stalls with lots of pretty ribbons! And finally a picture of Gustavo.

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