Monday, August 19, 2019

Pet Peeves

This has been a roller coaster week, I've gotten positive feedback and negative feedback. I'm fully aware that these come with the territory of selling things online. But I'd like to share them in case it helps anyone else struggling with being a maker or online selling.

My positive feedback was nice. One of my repeat customers was super excited about my pitch fork design and that is leading me to launch operation barn tools to make some rakes and brooms and shovels oh my.
I have also garnered a ton of likes and even possibly a sale of my stirrups from a facebook post I posted. Also good.

And then I got slammed a little. I got a customer asking if I could sell my saddle without the bridle, okay fine. I dropped the price on the saddle a bit and put the bridle up separately. It never occurred to me that folks wouldn't want the whole set. Then I ran into my sale picture on a facebook performance show group. Asking if the saddle was LSQ. I do advertise it as such. They commented that it was plain for a western saddle. I'll agree with that. I'm really new at tooling and on saddle #8 I didn't want to be too ambitious. It's also for sale at around $50, what do you expect? What bothered me is that it was done behind my back without crediting the artist at all.

Which gets me to the main point of this post. Always credit the artist. Always credit the person who did the art/design. I've noticed some free creative commons 3D print designs from thingiverse floating around the hobby. The rules for creative commons are that you must cite the maker/ where the design came from. Some people do and I've seen some people who don't. Don't be that person who takes credit even implicitly for another person's work.

Here at HandcraftedByKari, I do a lot of my CAD. Just designing a bucket took upwards of 10 hours and 4 prototypes before I even liked my design. Give the person on thingiverse credit for all the time and effort they put into making that file. *End rant*

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