Sunday, December 2, 2018

DIY Crochet Mini Stocking Pattern

It's that time of year again, gotta hurry up on making those last minute presents and suddenly someone you only kinda know hands you a mug or some other little gift. This is one of my favorite go to gifts to have on hand in event of this. Give them a little stocking filled with some festive candy or trinkets and bada bing bada boom you've saved yourself from a lot of Christmas awkwardness.

Estimated time: 1hr
Hook: US H

This is a very customizable pattern, if you want to change color anywhere just do so.

st - stitch
ch - chain
sc - Single crochet
hdc - Half double crochet
slst - Slip stitch

The chain 2 counts as a hdc

R1: Ch 3, 6 hdc in 1st ch, join with top of ch 3 (7)
R2: Ch 2, 1 hdc in same st, 2 hdc in each st around, join with top of ch 2 (14)
R3: Ch 2, * 2 hdc in next st, 1 hdc in next st, repeat from *, join with top of ch 2 (21)
R4: Ch 2, hdc in each st around, join with ch 2 (21)
R5-7: repeat R4

R8: Ch 2, hdc in next 10 st, turn (11)
R9: Ch 2, hdc in next 10 st, turn (11)
R10-11: Repeat R9
R12: Fold the heel in half as shown in the picture below, sl st the edges together as shown. Fasten off and invert.

R13: Attach yarn to back of heel as shown. Ch 2, hdc in each st around rim (approx 26)

R14: Ch 2, hdc in each st (approx 26)
R15-18: Repeat R14
R19: Optional. I changed color and sc around (approx 26)

Loop for hanging
At the end of R18 or R19 chain 10 then slst into top of ch 2 or ch 1, Fasten off
Weave in ends.

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