Thursday, October 25, 2018

DIY Model Horse Blankets (Basic)

This probably won't end up in my etsy shop but I've decided to add tutorials as I go along as well. One of my major passions in the model horse hobby is sharing skills and information. I enjoy teaching people how to do things and make things which I have been consistently doing for my local 4H horse project for several years. So expect a few of these mini-tutorials in the interim between things being made for my shop. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy!

You may notice it's getting cold outside...unless you live somewhere nice and warm right now...or are in the southern hemisphere...but for everyone else it's getting cold. And the snow will be here pretty soon... but in the house the only snow you have to worry about is the fake kind... oh and dust. Which is why some nice blankets are great for your herd, not only can they keep them nice and toasty they also protect from scratches and rubs. These blankets are simple enough that they can be done by hand or with a machine. I used plain fabric so I needed to hem the edges but if you use felt or fleece that won't be necessary. Actually in hindsight, felt or fleece would be better materials.

1) Take a 8 inch by 8 inch square and fold it in half.

2) Hem the corners if you want... It does make it look a little more put together. This step, as mentioned earlier, is not as necessary with felt or fleece.

3) Cut out the pattern above, checking its fit on your horse.

4) In the front sew the two flaps together to make a neck hole.

5) Tada... Its done... or is it?

Have some fun, add straps, borders, whatever you like!

The completed project with some fun fabrics...
Max doing some modeling!

And Valentine staying warm as well with her floral blanket!

Have Fun!

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